​Team Beats!






- "You cannot sit because the drum beats just make you dance."

- "I think it’s really fun. We have no idea but what music is all about but then when you guys started to teach us everybody started to follow. Left and Right. It’s just amazing time you know all these simple little things can make up a beautiful music. Thank you so much!"

- "I learned that for me to keep time, I actually needed to listen to others who were playing a very different beat, but still listening to them helps me to keep time of my own beats. I like the metaphor of different beats helping me to keep time of my own beat."

- "Music really makes us enjoy the time being together What would be the ascents of our work that actually helped us to harmonize the others as well as to help us to enjoy and find joy in our work."

Stage Performance



​We offer professional stage percussion show and warm-ups/energizer for conference and meeting. Still looking for something which is more engaging? We can train your staff or members to perform on stage as a professional in a short period which is one of the best ideas for team building and empowerment. We offer one-stop services including professional training, musical instruments, costumes and tailor-made performance content depends on your needs and audience.

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